Silicone Coasters For Drinks - 6 Pack

These new 4" silicone drink coasters are optimally designed to fit all types of drinking glasses, coffee mugs, tea cups, tumblers, flasks, etc. The unique coaster design and the precision details together with the material quality of silicone provide a good feel to the touch. These dark black coasters perfectly blend in with any furniture and decorations. They are also designed light in weight, yet sturdy to serve as either bar coasters or as outdoor coasters.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean dictum tincidunt sagittis. Etiam vitae velit tortor. Etiam nec leo non erat suscipit fringilla id vel ligula. Morbi tincidunt eget tortor at facilisis. Proin finibus orci vel pretium sagittis. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec imperdiet nec odio sit amet ullamcorper. Mauris a lobortis tortor. Nullam luctus nisl sit amet leo ultricies vehicula.

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Product Features


Elevated pattern design with edge lip provides room to catch condensation and spills from your drinks on these custom coasters, keeping moisture and water rings off the tables. These cool coasters for drinks also provide protection for any type of furniture against scratches, thanks to soft silicone material and smooth backside surface. Ideal for protecting wood, granite, glass, soapstone, sandstone, marble, stone or stainless steel table tops.


Slip resistant backside ensures a nice grip, so these cup coasters stay firmly in place on any surface, keeping your drinks from sliding around, while they won't stick to. They hold your drinks securely in place, while they won't stick to them either, thanks to the elevated pattern design. These unique coasters also protect your wooden furniture against heat from hot cups and mugs, owing to silicone's thermal insulation and resistance properties.


Enjoy your coffee or tea with these drink coaster set at home, office or outdoors. These modern coasters are perfect for pubs, restaurants and bars. They can be also used for opening stuck jar lids and bottle caps, holding hot pans and pots, as mom spoon rest, placemat, or cover for drinks to keep insects out, or as key holder to protect surfaces from scratches. These cute coasters are also safe for kids and pets.


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